About the Project

Welcome to the Undead Author Society. Many a great writer or poet has shrugged off their mortal coil, and left behind a …body of literature.  This project began as an attempt to recover those lost pieces. I will alternate between presenting our research concerning the body–often incorporating folklore and modern stories where we can–and the reanimated story itself. We update on Wednesdays, at midnight GMT+1 when possible.

The current author is Mr. Howard Phillips Lovecraft, who left quite a body indeed. The list I reference can be found here.

About the Author

I have a Masters of the Arts in Social Sciences with a focus in Anthropology from the University of Chicago and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from University of Chicago. Before that, I received a mostly classical education at what was then Mesa Preparatory Academy. My academic research at the University of Chicago focused on the formation of self, particularly social networks and Eastern Orthodox Icons. My English studies at University of Evansville focused on World Myths, Norse mythology, and Tolkien, while my minor in Anthropology covered a range of topics.

Currently, I am teaching English in Casablanca, Morocco.

You can follow me at twitter here, cohost here, and mastodon at @Epee102@xeno.glyphpress.com.

Outside of the Undead Author Society, I have published supplements for the Exalted Tabletop RPG, which can be found here.

I have also been published in the San Jenaro Co-Op Monthly Digests and Far Horizon Anthologies. The volumes can be found here. And you can find my independent games and supplements on Itch.io here.

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